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To Repair Or Replace Your Air Conditioning System

Sometime between the beginning and end of summer air conditioning companies across McKinney TX change out more than 10,000 fan motors. With fans breaking and other AC repair problems with the unit when is it a good investment to change your fan motor?

First thing to look at is the age of the system. If the system is over about 10-12 years of age you might be better off changing the unit. When you replace the fan motor you usually get a one year warranty on the part. With the purchase of a new unit you would be in the neighborhood of about 10-12 year warranty on the parts.

Getting all of the information including the painful information will prevent you from spending tons of cash before you still have to replace the air conditioning system. With the new energy efficient air conditioning systems on the market you could never go wrong when purchasing a new unit.

With that said when your air conditioning system goes down and the cost of the new motor is reasonable and the age is less than 10 years you should be fine changing the fan motor. Just remember that you are putting another 7-9 hundred into an old system and if your okay with that then you should be fine.

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