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Mckinney Residential air conditioning repair

A Story About One Of Our Residential AC Repair Customers

Mckinney Residential air conditioning repair

It was a hot summer afternoon on a weekends eve in McKinney, TX. Steven was home late from a series of shopping spree’s on this particular evening and was preparing to adjust the temperature before relaxing. It was at this moment Steven realized the air conditioner was not functioning at the highest potential bestowed upon by the manufacturers factory capabilities. Steven looked online and discovered DND Heating & Air Conditioning on Google had impressive 5 Star reviews and went on to discover their website contained much information about air conditioning in McKinney. Steven was convinced to contact DND and in a moments time he was on the phone with David, the lead technician and owner of the company. Not many people answer after business hours but for DND it is not uncommon to have an interruption in equipment service during any time of the day or night. Steven requested next day service as he made plans to attend a diner with his family later that night. David arrived at the schedule time and was polite and quick to determine the problem. DND mentioned to Steven the options weighing in on repairing verses replacing systems and which choice DND recommended. Quotes for both home air conditioning system services were offered and DND mentioned their on-page coupons, which added additional savings we he made his final decision.

During a strong winter morning in McKinney, TX, Nate woke to find a cold chill cross his home traveling room to room. As he wrapped his blanket tightly across his body in an attempt to run to the thermostat, he set the dial to heat and fired up the temperature only to realize no equipment was starting. That’s when Nate looked to his friends online who recommended DND Heating and Air Conditioning on Facebook. In an instant, Nate bounced out of his blanket, scurried to his phone and without hesitation, he made the call to David, the owner of the company. David was able to determine that Nate most likely did not have a system for heating but offered him a free service call upon agreeing to service. To Nate, this was a no brainer but felt the price was a little more than he could afford. Unexpectedly, David mentioned that the website had amazing deals and seasonal promotions which would save Nate money best spent on other investments. Nate ultimately made the decision to install Owen’s Corning Loose-Fill Fiberglass Insulation to retain heat.

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