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COVID-19 AC Repair In McKinney

Fully in business doing AC repair in McKinney all day and night. New air conditioning system installed over the weekend. Call today to get your ac repair scheduled, temps are going to be almost 100 degrees this week.


Emergency AC Repair McKinney

In the Mckinney area we are still under COVID-19 lock-down, our air conditioning supply houses are closed after hours and will not resume emergency after hours air conditioning service until after this pandemic has passed. With that in mind DND Heating & Air Conditioning keeps fully stocked trucks to prevent from having to go to the supply house for regular universal parts. Call today or check out this post about AC repair in McKinney with DND Heating & Air Conditioning

Spring AC Repair In McKinney

Nothing beats springtime in McKinney. Downtown is booming and people are out and about. This year we are subjected to this pandemic with COVID-19 and we are not getting out as much. Getting all of our stuff that we can from the internet and delivery services, we still need some things they cannot deliver. Getting your AC repair in McKinney is still going to be like usual with a few changes.

McKinney AC repair

Face mask and gloves are worn throughout the customers homes and businesses. When we feel like the pandemic is over we will stop doing this. In the meantime check out our new AC installation specials we have. New AC Installation Special

Air Conditioning Repair McKinney

ac repair test mckinney

Nothing says AC repair technician like a digital multi-meter. Getting the proper technician out to your home or office will always include him bringing a few things to get the job done right. To properly diagnose your AC repair the technician will need to have a multi-meter, freon gauges to check the AC freon levels and some hand tools to take things apart.

Checking your AC repair problem quickly and thoroughly are the signs of a great AC repair company. With the potential problems and the existing problems with your air conditioning system determined, the AC repair technician should relay that information to the owner of the property clearly and fully until the customer is comfortable with the explanation. After that the owner should be able to make a decision between repair and replacement of the AC system in question.

For a truthful opinion of your AC repair needs in McKinney call DND Heating & Air Conditioning 9722342665

Air Conditioning Repair Mckinney

Air conditioning repair in Mckinney by DND Heating & Air Conditioning. Call today to get your free service call with purchase of AC repair services. Nothing to it just let us look at your broken air conditioning system we quote you a price and if you like it we do not charge you the extra service charge. If you do not like our air conditioning repair advice or price you can get another opinion just pay the $59 service charge and we will be on our way.

McKinney AC Repair

Does your air conditioning system leak water when it is running? Does the outside of your home look like this? You are in need of AC repair. DND Heating & Air Conditioning in Mckinney is fully protected for your protections and ours with face masks and gloves for all of our employees. Call today to schedule your AC maintenance in McKinney. 9722342665

1.5 Ton Complete A/C & Heating System Installed

1.5 ton air conditioning and heating system

For a limited time only get your air conditioning and heating system replaced for a total of $4999 when you purchase a 1.5 ton up-flow electric A/C & heating system. This price includes the installation and a lifetime warranty on all duct-work 10 year warranty on parts and 2 year labor warranty. Do not over pay for not enough when it comes to your home or business air conditioning repair. Getting your system replaced with DND Heating & Air Conditioning is a long term solution to your air conditioning and heating problems. Call for details 9722342665

AC repair RIchardson

Spring AC Maintenance Special

Spring AC Maintenance Special 2020

Starting in March call to get our AC maintenance on your residential air conditioning system at a discounted price. With the summer heat on its way, you should know that your AC at home is going to work hard for about 4 or 5 months straight in the Dallas area. When then summer lets up it is almost Christmas most of the time. Getting you AC clean and running in tip top shape will extend its life and make sure your not spending any more money than you need to on electricity.

Call and schedule your AC maintenance for March and get a 50$ discount call for details or go to our specials page for more accurate information about or specials.

AC Unit Capacitor 101

air conditioning repair of capacitor

Capacitors are the only way to make a rotational magnetic field when you have single phase power. Now what that means in laymen terms is basicly anything that relies on spinning needs a capacitor to properly and consistently run. Meaning any motor like fan motors and compressors will require a capacitor if they are powered with single phase.

When you give power to the wires in a motor on single phase equipment they are split on a cross section of the shaft by equal power coming in from two side 180 degrees each. With that equal power it is hard for the motor to know which direction to start the spinning. When you hook up a capacitor to the line it absorbs some of the electricity on one side of the shaft and releases it very quickly. This allows one side to be stronger than the other thus beginning the rotational magnetic field.

New Residential AC Repair Blog


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  3. We hope to build a large collection of information about AC repair and the involved practices of repairing and installing AC units.
  4. Help inform the public about different types of residential AC & heating equipment and their positive and negative benefits.
  5. Showcase our very involved jobs as well as the common ones. Along with our accomplishments as a business.
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