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At DND Air Conditioning & Heating we specialize in residential AC repair. When we say that it is kind of a broad term, so lets specify as to our specialty. We serve the Richardson area and are accustomed to seeing all types of residential air conditioning systems in the area. Getting all of them named on this page would be very confusing. We can say if your air conditioning system is in Richardson at a residential property in the attic, in the closet, in the wall or on the roof or any other configuration we can repair it. AC repair is very unique to each system at each building. We know the ins and outs of all types of AC systems so that we are not stuck on an AC repair for a long time to determine what the problem is. Our AC repair technicians are fully trained professionals that arrive at your house with fully stocked trucks. The truck stock consist of regular generic parts that commonly go out on AC systems in the Richardson summer. With that said we do not stock fan motors or blower motors for any AC system. We acquire those parts from the original equipment manufacture.


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