AC repair in Richardson, TX

Best AC Repair in Richardson

In Richardson during the summertime, no air conditioning unit should be off. When your unit is broken call DND for your AC repair in Richardson, to get you back in the AC ASAP!

We specialize in AC repair and installation in the Richardson, TX area. DND Heating & Air Conditioning is set up to get your AC system operational as fast as possible. If you need your AC unit at home or the office to be repaired you are in the right place. Getting fan motors changed and condensate drain lines cleared out is just another day at the office for DND. In the summertime here in Richardson, we experience a large amount of 100+ weather. When your AC system is designed to run at 95 degrees max, 100+ temps put a strain on the AC. Get your AC repair done ASAP when you notice that it is not keeping the house cold. The longer you wait to get a technician near you to look at the system then you may be doing more damage as you continue to run it.


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