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Spring AC Maintenance Special

Spring AC Maintenance Special 2020

Starting in March call to get our AC maintenance on your residential air conditioning system at a discounted price. With the summer heat on its way, you should know that your AC at home is going to work hard for about 4 or 5 months straight in the Dallas area. When then summer lets up it is almost Christmas most of the time. Getting you AC clean and running in tip top shape will extend its life and make sure your not spending any more money than you need to on electricity.

Call and schedule your AC maintenance for March and get a 50$ discount call for details or go to our specials page for more accurate information about or specials.

AC Unit Capacitor 101

air conditioning repair of capacitor

Capacitors are the only way to make a rotational magnetic field when you have single phase power. Now what that means in laymen terms is basicly anything that relies on spinning needs a capacitor to properly and consistently run. Meaning any motor like fan motors and compressors will require a capacitor if they are powered with single phase.

When you give power to the wires in a motor on single phase equipment they are split on a cross section of the shaft by equal power coming in from two side 180 degrees each. With that equal power it is hard for the motor to know which direction to start the spinning. When you hook up a capacitor to the line it absorbs some of the electricity on one side of the shaft and releases it very quickly. This allows one side to be stronger than the other thus beginning the rotational magnetic field.

New Residential AC Repair Blog


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  1. Making information about AC repair available to the public so that they may either fix the problem or determine the best route of action to have it replaced.
  2. Open source for our customers to voice their opinions and concerns as well as ask any questions they may have about AC repair or our services.
  3. We hope to build a large collection of information about AC repair and the involved practices of repairing and installing AC units.
  4. Help inform the public about different types of residential AC & heating equipment and their positive and negative benefits.
  5. Showcase our very involved jobs as well as the common ones. Along with our accomplishments as a business.
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