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Residential Air Conditioning Repair In Mid Summer

A Story About One Of Our Residential AC Repair Customers It was a hot summer afternoon on a weekends eve in McKinney, TX. Steven was home late from a series of shopping spree’s on this particular evening and was preparing to adjust the temperature before relaxing. It was at this moment Steven realized the air […]

Condenser Fan Motor Replacment

To Repair Or Replace Your Air Conditioning System Sometime between the beginning and end of summer air conditioning companies across McKinney TX change out more than 10,000 fan motors. With fans breaking and other AC repair problems with the unit when is it a good investment to change your fan motor? First thing to look […]

COVID-19 AC Repair In McKinney

Fully in business doing AC repair in McKinney all day and night. New air conditioning system installed over the weekend. Call today to get your ac repair scheduled, temps are going to be almost 100 degrees this week. https://local.google.com/place?id=13535056001805749620&use=posts&lpsid=3242543076241568916

Emergency AC Repair McKinney

In the Mckinney area we are still under COVID-19 lock-down, our air conditioning supply houses are closed after hours and will not resume emergency after hours air conditioning service until after this pandemic has passed. With that in mind DND Heating & Air Conditioning keeps fully stocked trucks to prevent from having to go to […]

Spring AC Repair In McKinney

Nothing beats springtime in McKinney. Downtown is booming and people are out and about. This year we are subjected to this pandemic with COVID-19 and we are not getting out as much. Getting all of our stuff that we can from the internet and delivery services, we still need some things they cannot deliver. Getting […]

Air Conditioning Repair McKinney

Nothing says AC repair technician like a digital multi-meter. Getting the proper technician out to your home or office will always include him bringing a few things to get the job done right. To properly diagnose your AC repair the technician will need to have a multi-meter, freon gauges to check the AC freon levels […]

Air Conditioning Repair Mckinney

Air conditioning repair in Mckinney by DND Heating & Air Conditioning. Call today to get your free service call with purchase of AC repair services. Nothing to it just let us look at your broken air conditioning system we quote you a price and if you like it we do not charge you the extra […]